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Get the skinny on the new advances for CoolSculpting at Le Medspa


    Grand Junction — April 25, 2017 — Le Medspa announces changes to the CoolSculpting treatments. CoolSculpting previous and new clients are invited to try the more comfortable treatments that are now only 35 minutes per session.  

Many clients have already benefited from CoolSculpting, by Le Medspa.  CoolSculpting is a no needles, no surgery and no down time way to get a more sculpted body.   CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells, which then are naturally flushed out by your body.

    Le Medspa has been a premier and trusted provider for CoolSculpting since 2011. Many clients read a book, take a nap or just enjoy a quiet moment.  CoolSculpting is a treatment that takes little time and now with new CoolSculpting handpieces,  the process is quicker and more comfortable.  You are free to return to your normal routine immediately.

      Feel better with a sculpted body! One can now get rid of stubborn fat for good easily and comfortably! 

​   For more information about “The Changes in CoolSculpting, By Le Medspa” please     contact: 

Paule Stiefler at 970-256-7546 (SKIN) or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The winner of The Body and Soul Makeover 2013!

Linda Before Linda After

Linda Before

Linda After

Shirley Before Shirley After

Shirley Before

Shirley After

The project of selecting our winner was a challenging one and we did it! She is Linda Reese from Grand Junction. Linda is very excited and grateful to have been chosen.

She will begin the makeover process in late July, which includes up to $10,000 – $15,000 worth of free services provided by our Amazing Dream Team of Grand Valley health experts. We look forward to helping Linda transform her life, and will provide regular updates of her progress.

On behalf of the Dream Team, Le MedSpa would also like to thank everyone who submitted nominations for the makeover. We had to choose from many worthy candidates with compelling life stories, and only wish that we could have included them all.

The Body And Soul Makeover is a community project designed to give a worthy person the chance to transform his or her life, both inside and out. It is provided free by a Dream Team of Grand Valley health experts.

The 2013 Dream Team includes Le MedSpa, Eric Benefield / Grand Dental, Paula Anderson / Eat Well – Be Well, Crossroads Fitness, Marcus Straub / Life Is Great coaching, and Lifestyle Photography.

Paule from Le MedSpa is live in the studio with an update on LED Light Treatment and Coolscupting

Paule from Le MedSpa is live in the studio with an update on the Body & Soul Makeover winner!

The winner of The Body and Soul Makeover 2012!

Mande 2012 Winner Before and After
Lucas Before and After
Diane Before and After

This is to Celebrate The Transformation.

2012 Makeover

The winners of the 2012 makeover were Mande Gabelson and Lucas Carter, with Diane King as a runner-up. The 2012 participants were as follows:

Le MedSpa/Colorado West Dermatology – skin treatments and body contouring
Crossroads Fitness Center – fitness coaching
Paula Anderson (Eat Well, Be Well) – nutritional advice
Jo’s Clothes – fashion
Marcus Straub, Life Is Great Coaching, Life coaching
Chad Mahlum, Lifestyle Photography – before and after pictures
Hope Carlton, Perfect Touch Makeup
Oral Health Care Partners Kathleen
Copeland, Salon Panache


Le MedSpa benefits Hilltop’s Latimer House

Sock it to your wrinklesThis holiday season, Le MedSpa is partnering with Hilltop’s Latimer House in a “Sock It To Your Wrinkles” special event. Beginning November 12, members of the public are invited to donate pairs of clean, unused socks (sized for women and children) to Le MedSpa. For every three pairs of socks donated, Le MedSpa will deduct $30 (up to $60) from the cost of services received for skin rejuvenation and wrinkles reduction. This offer is good until the end of the year. All socks donated as part of this event will be given to Hilltop’s Latimer House for the use of its clients. Le MedSpa and Colorado West Dermatology will also provide soaps, lotions and other skin care products.

Latimer House provides individual and group counseling, advocacy, shelter, children’s services and a 24-hour crisis line for the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Mesa County. Since 1984, Latimer House has provided a safe, home-like environment, for women, children, and men who are experiencing life threatening situations. Latimer House: Helping domestic violence and sexual assault victims move from crisis to confidence.


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Press Releases

Introducing L'dara™

CoolSculpting Press Release

Pelleve Press Release

In The News

By Emily Fredrick

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Le MedSpa in Grand Junction is offering a "liquid facial" to give women looking for a youthful glow another option than surgery. "I mean instant gratification, you're going to actually see that line filled today. The swelling around it is going to settle, but that line is going to be filled," said Mei Morrow, cosmetic coordinator, Le MedSpa. "In a sense, this is like a liquid face lift, so before a person may consider a more drastic approach like surgery, this is certainly an option that allows many people to avoid even thinking about surgery," said Dr. Richard Stiefler.

A variety of filler brands perform different functions for different parts of the face. "Radiesse, which consists of a very large volume so very much used in the upper quadrant of your face, in your cheek line," said Morrow. "Belotero, Belotero does consist of a small volume so perfect place for that eye area, the upper lip area, anywhere there's fine, very fine lines that he can really plump out."

The fillers last from anywhere from six months to a year and a half. "Radiesse can last up to a year or two, and the Belotero is maybe 6 months to a year. The filler may not last as long in an area with a lot of movement, as in a more quiet area of the face," said Dr. Stiefler. While the science behind the injections is important, the artistry also matters. "It's a fine art, it really involves, it's like sculpture of a live face as opposed to a rock or something like that," said Dr. Stiefler.

CBS This Morning

MAY 22, 2014, 8:13 AM

Hundreds of thousands of people undergo liposuction each year, but this relatively new treatment claims to slim you down half an inch after an hour of treatment. Vinita Nair reports on how effectively this procedure works.


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